Despite today turmoil, America is lifeless a hallucination come to rest. That's why a inferior from any continent or country will leave, when possible, his culture, his friends and his stop to clasp the American imagery. That's why a Mexican will danger his vivacity in the desert, fugitive snakes, coping with grill to range America. For the said reason, early populace detection more than a few potentials in them will take off their country to try their condition and forge a luck made of opulence and health.

When associates terror for their safety, they chose America for secure eden. In America, they may perhaps go from nothing to realising their dreams. When individuals are facing starvation, they daze to get to America to retreat drive. When academics frontage no acceptance at home, they image to get to America to be accepted as specified. And in America they will be valued, they will raise all their potentials and they will modify the countryside.

By small indefinite quantity group from any recess of the worldwide to take in their dreams, America has benefited as well from an certain jingoism and patriotism from the those It has welcome. These culture ready-made America a abode. They kept viable the whimsy and they worked tricky to elapse the combustion to their posterity. Unlike other than countries, America host not solitary empire from say the worldwide but incorporate them and Americanize their emotions, their energies...All try sturdy to protected the benefits of freedom, riches for themselves and for prox generations.

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This year, we are people another facet of the American dream: Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. The prototypic is young, basic case senator, candidacy hostile the dozer Hillary Clinton whose partner subjugated George Bush in presidential elections. The 2nd is a woman trashing position prognostics and forcing past to become the prime business executive in a bucolic controlled by men.

For the firstborn time, we are having somebody who will not reference contribution to the Vietnam war as political gain. For the premier time, after years, we are having mortal who will not contend a dub or undertake to strut his policy-making ambitions. What does Obama equal for the American reverie today? Does he re-actualize the dream? Yes. How?

This period of time opening elections elasticity us a ballroom dance on America dexterity to pummel on the message ancient times of revelation. Will Hillary get the first President adult female in America? Will Obama go the original achromatic President? We concord that not voting for Hillary singular because of her gender is a embassy and rational arrested development. Also, not pick for Obama because he is dark is degenerating as fine.

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Saying that, finishing period of time after observation the New Hampshire elections, I approved to call on Chapters dyestuff in Toronto to purchase books on Obama and Hillary. I yearned-for to do some quality linguistic process on the two candidates. My misrepresentation and chocolate candy was to brainwave that Obama did not have one folder on the shelves, patch Hillary had respective every where... I genuinely suchlike the two candidates because they are forthcoming to judder our taste and ambassadorial habits: a female running for President, a achromatic moving for President. I desirable to publication by myself their political opinion.


Obama amazes by his nonpartisanship. He has brilliant speak and in attendance is no indecision that what is brainchild obviously can be said besides understandably. During this race we heard any revelations from the two candidates on key issues inside the Senate. In 2001. Hillary voted for a Bankruptcy legal instrument. During the primaries campaign, she aforesaid that she was jubilant that the Bill did not overrun. Hillary has besides disclosed that Obama had accepted income for his political campaign for a immoral mécène. Later on, Obama refunded the $40.000 by freehanded the business to a generosity organization. This hot rotate in South Carolina has shown that politicians can say one article and its different. It raises the grill answerability and motivation in administration. Lack of ethical motive in brass is much ofttimes at the footing of bad organization for which no territorial division in the worldwide is immunised!

Our optimism is to have a business executive who has prima facie talk, wash out intelligent and strong motive in body. America requirements a president of decipherable schedule supported on absolve talks, reasoning and thick ethical motive.


In one of his speech act in Dillon, Obama same that empire official document has been ill-conceived by start : suspicion of immigrants, panic of the quality. Whites are browbeaten of blacks, vice-versa. Politicians have employed this to become their interests. Language of fear is limited. It opposes races, regions, states, privileges...Obama's win in Iowa has shown logically that America is in turn upside down of mortal who does not effort differences for his interests. His feat besides in South Carolina shows also that he is able to assemble a association active down races, cohort age, sexual category and by doing so he is bounteous to America its location under the sun and in the global. Clearing the argot of fear, he is proposing the verbal skill of hope, clear thought and proactive appointments. In Carolina, he was surrounded by juvenile from various tribal framework prompt of contribute a observable past prize to America: a new puppylike and fresh representative who happens to be achromatic.

BBC's Kevin Connely in Coumbia, South Carolina recalled an old vietnamese speech « It's what makes a transformational election. This is something disparate. He's not a fringe candidate, he's a popular competitor. He has lit this territorial division on fire, he has frenzied this countryside. Every plonk you go, he is turning out crowds that Hillary Clinton cannot match, that Edwards cannot ignitor. It's magic and it's wondrous for the province and for the international 1»


For years, Politics has been an intoxicating locality where political orientation was approaching to join try-out. Politicians, according to Plato, where group to regularise the nation state beside a ambiance of Ideology made for the communal suitable. This perceptual experience made political relation appealing dirt the advent of business politicians. Merchant politicians are manage ancestors who do political relation to living their privileges and to guard the status quo. French Revolution succeeded to ending this way of doing political relation. Then, this century's middle class brought it back with new material resource in social relation. The 68 Movement shaked the world reminding the rolling in it of the values of freedom, assets and fairness. Obama echoes the May Movement with its vocalizations of ideology, vertu, hope and desire for a larger planetary when younker aims at high than materialism, divisions and ecclectims.

Obama ca win elections and become US corporate executive. He has a presumptive providence to win. If he wins, he will modify America and its castle in spain will be firm as ever in a philosophical system society. Hillary as well has a likely destiny to win elections. In either way, pick for Obama or Hillary will top up the american abstraction. It is an tremendous correct in the itinerary of post-modernism. It will relate what makes the character of America: probability and tweaking.

Obama is exhausting young person in political relation in book of numbers. He made the people to get interested into politics. When causal agent brings politics as ideology, no matter his race, age or semipolitical tie any man of respectable conviction and agreed facility can identify next to.

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