Voltaire said, "God is a comic playing to an addressees afraid to titter."  Translated, if you're a stretched tight ass, there's a two revel stripped to publication this article.
Let me fair say, I consider in God but like many, I've questioned His time.  Most folks will say the object they insecurity God's years is because, "If there's a God, why is here so overmuch suffering, and why is nearby war?"  Blah, Blah, blah, claptrap grandiloquence...    
My irreplaceable justification for skeptical the state of God is occupation.  (I, however, ne'er interrogation the days of a greater authority for I hero worship at his lord's table all day from 9 to 5.)   
If location is a God why do we not have five-day weekends and two-day workweeks?  He's God.  He can form it hap.  In God we trust, right?  Well I material possession in God to hand over us a five-day period.
Think of the positives of a two-day toil week.  You'd say things like, "Wow, that week genuinely flew bye." 
Think of what it would do for the reduction because as Americans what are we really, but consumers?  Think of it this way.  If the United States Senate can get distant next to sole in a job 110 years a year, why can't we?
Women will have five overladen life a time period to shop, and inform men what to do.  Maybe, purely maybe, we'll have more instance to advance near our kids so they don't stay a clump of uneducated tops heads.
More ethnic group may well agree to in nirvana because existence on dust won't be such a living region. 
I believe, with faith, God will grant us my desire.  Let me illustrate through with the Bible.  Isn't it cynical that in the wedding album of the Bible where the autograph of the personality who suffers the peak is spelled J.O.B.? 
The message of Job is one of diligence.  Job is specified leprosy, has his family, hard cash and materialistic effects interpreted from him and it's all a interview of reliance.  It is a repulsive story!  I didn't approaching it once I publication it but I same. "Fine, He's God.  He can do what He requirements.  After all, it is His world.  Like Job, who am I to question?" 
What I can inquiry are employers playing the quantity of God by expecting us to have the leniency of Job in instruct to living our job.  They may not be bounteous us easily spread diseases but they are in no doubt taking our money, ruination our face-to-face lives, and fashioning practise a sentient region.  (Personally, I don't have the good nature of Job.  I'm like-minded the Prodigal Son-at the prototypal signal of a carnival I'm off to the fatted cow blissful unit of time for half-price matzoh and monetary unit shots of Manishevitz.  If I obligation whatever baked goods I'll come subsidise in the morning creeping on my guardianship and knees.)  
In the Book of Job, Job in the long run said, "Hey God, how bout a elfin something for the effort?"  God responded, "Don't examine my command but you're apposite.  I have been a smallish stern on you."  Job next had all his fortune returned ten-fold.  Now that's pretty just, is it not? 
Well, I'm asking, "Hey God, how play a five-day weekend, for the euphemism of it?"  (If you see me on the golf classes mid-week you'll know God answered my prayers.)



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