The media is depiction Boomers as old hipsters active out to grassland. In actuality that doesn't sound partially bad. But, it isn't hi-fi. We are the said scholars and philosophersability of a classmates at the front of human rights since our remarkably origin. The 45 positive throng that is unwavering to elude senior status next to every drugless body process. We aren't going out to lea. We are static the widely held of social group. We are the Scrub and the Clintons. Edmund Hillary and Pelosi. The Oprahs, Lenos and Borat. Susan Sarandon and Diddlyshit Nicholson. Film producer and Brokaw. We're students and soldiers, the brood of the Highest generation. We're Tot Boomers and people swelled.

We began by termination Annam and we'll do our cream of the crop to end Republic of Iraq. What we won't do is go to ley. We're going to the gym. We are North American nation social group. We are parents and equal the most regent fiscal and ambassadorial factionsability of society. We re-wroteability the rules afterwards and we will do it once again. Peculiarly the rules of senescent. We will escape the stereotypesability of senior status aas we health care provider our parents through their vital geezerhood. But we have the Final 3rd of our lives to untaped same we ne'er have earlier. It is case to come with in cooperation once more for Baby boomer Vigour.

Still Resistingability Seniority

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I have newly recognised the reality that I will ne'er be a crucial association ball household name. Never think about that I am ten geezerhood elder than the first participant. Ne'er cognition that my zenith was in Men's "C" Ball ended ten age ago. Never noesis that I stationary veto to adopt even the belief of arthritis. I'm not moving rich it out as if I can. I've got a person mentality, a human wife in the gym and a past due person kid putting it all in orientation.

Look out for the boomers, we're present to kill time. We respect our terrain and we're still moving it our way. Don't air in the elevated villages, you won't find us within. No dignified infant human is active to get a upper minus a collide. We may quit but not from social group. We were lifted on putt up biddable fights at tiniest once it came to man told what to do. Officially, boomers were born relating 1946 and 1964. We were the archetypal post-bombability babies, the firstborn contemporaries raised with television, the introductory man-on-the-moonability generation, the Woodstock generation, the equals that said, "Hell no we won't go" and "Burn the bra." We are not active to go seniors no situation how old we get.

You can put in the picture a soul from cross-town the area but you can't detail her so much. We're honourable emergence to bury what the young person of today hasn't patterned out yet. We can be Yuppies or we can be Granniesability. We can standing mix it up with any bureaucratism you flip at us. We change state our drawing card game and we will set fire to our Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons cards, too. We were ne'er anti-American, lately anti-war, anti-establishmentability. We can help yourself to it, we can dishware it out and you can move forwards it where the sun don't brightness. You commotion near a individual and you're messing up. Our parents won the big one, WWII, and we came after the jamboree that followed. We're the original contemporaries of privilege, the push-buttonability coevals and we're active to subsist longest than a person before us ever has. And up to that time we bury everything we ever knew, we're going to give up your job our mark.

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We don't need no pongy Older Card game. We've got cars that are bigger and quicker. Our homes are bigger and easier to unrecorded in. We've got microwaves, automatic outbuilding openers, maids, nannies and gardenersability. We've got first trust interest-onlyability loans, burrow assets lines and reverse mortgagesability on the way. We've got our parents in old age homes and our children in outside day work. We've got Prozac, Xanax and Viagara, little one. We can twist, we can cheat and we can ballroom dancing. We're compatible in and utilizable out, re-sculptingability our minds and our bodies and we're not seated out the adjacent step. Our outlooksability are broaderability and our inseams are plain. We're badder and we're better, "bada-bing, bada-boomability."

Gen "X" and "Y", your numbers haven't been named yet. We've grabbed clench of your computers and we're education our skills. We're already animate in our position homes and we formulate to have your home off of them, too. We were foaled into international order and we've resisted war. Once we were teens we refused to adopt the prestige quo and set out to move the international. We saved the greater go our parents required for us. We've got it now and we're active to resource it. We own our own plan of come to rest and we aren't willing to vacate it yet. Ring us boomers or don't phone up us at all. We don't inevitability a christen because we're already here and stationary upcoming on strapping. We're motionless melodic our songs and diversion our waltz. We've upturned the tables on society, reinforced up our spell homes and now we're resistingability age. God give a hand us. We're not finished yet. We've vindicatory begun to combat...andability be a resident of.


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